Why Every Leader Needs to Cultivate the Skill of Leading with Vision

Leading with vision isn’t just an inherent trait – it’s a skill that can be developed and strengthened. That’s good news, because a clear, inspiring vision is also critical to the success of your organization.

Engaged, collaborative teams with clear objectives and motivational goals flow out of your vision as a leader. Powerful vision is what inspires people to work together and helps your organization stay on track for growth and longevity.

Here’s what that looks like in action.

Why Vision Is Essential for Leaders

Like any leadership skill, vision is something that can be learned. But first, it’s important to understand how strategic vision impacts the culture and long-term success of your organization.

Vision sets the course and keeps you on track

Think of strategic vision as the GPS for your company. It helps you choose a destination, map out a plan for getting there, and communicate that plan to your team so everyone is heading in the same direction. Visionary leaders have long-term goals in mind, and they use those goals to set clear short-term and mid-term objectives. Based on those objectives, they know what performance metrics to monitor and how to make course corrections if things start to go off track.

Vision guides decision-making

Far too many aspiring leaders make the mistake of pursuing a good idea at the wrong time, and that can be fatal for your organization. On the flip side, however, it can also be a mistake to reject new opportunities and ideas that could carry you into the future. How do you know which way to lean? The answer will depend on your strategic vision. When you keep your eye on the big picture of your company and your long-term objectives, you can determine whether a given opportunity will move you closer to your goals or whether it is a distraction.

Vision inspires your team.

Lack of vision leads to unmotivated, disengaged teams. When your team members adopt your values and understand what the organization is trying to achieve however, that vision unites them. Leaders with strong vision can inspire their teams to work together toward a common goal. It gives them purpose and helps them feel like they are contributing to something valuable.


3 Characteristics of Visionary Leadership

Leaders must align the responsibility of prioritizing long-term strategic vision for their teams with the day-to-day execution of tasks needed to get there. It’s a balance that requires a firm grasp of process alignment, people skills, and metrics.

But knowing where you want to go isn’t enough. You also need to bring your team members on board. That’s why leading with vision must also include:

Communication – Even the best strategic plans will stagnate if they aren’t communicated effectively. Clearly communicating your vision in terms of values, objectives, and goals will help people understand where you are now and where you want to go. Communication should be an ongoing endeavor that includes both formal delivery models (onboarding, training presentations, launch programs, recognition programs, etc.) and informal connections (emails from team leaders, intentional conversations, and team meetings).

Motivation – A well-communicated vision should motivate people to come together for a common goal. When your team members catch your vision, they will get excited about how they can contribute because they know their work is valuable. This is also a key component of engagement, which drives higher productivity, improved retention rates, and better team morale.

Forward Momentum – To carry your organization into the future, your vision must build forward momentum into your strategy. This might look like a five-year plan with clearly delineated milestones, or it might take an agile approach with short sprints and regular opportunities for feedback and course corrections. Either way, the key is to keep your eye on the current state and performance of the organization while incorporating future-facing goals.

Unlock Your Leadership Potential

As you learn to develop your sense of vision, you’ll gain perspective that helps you evaluate your current position, decide where you’re going, and plan your next steps. Wherever you are on that journey, we’re here to help you become the best leader you can be.

In our Making the Connection Leadership Series, we give you the keys to developing your leadership style and maximizing your influence. You’ll learn to articulate your vision and share it with your team while gaining new perspectives on influence, motivation, goal-setting, culture, and alignment.

Join us to unlock your leadership potential and inspire your team to reach new heights.

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