A 4+ month, immersive leadership program shaping effective leadership habits.

Participants will:

  • Learn how their leadership style complements the competencies of effective leadership.
  • Connect with like-minded individuals, learning from and challenging each other to integrate new skills and apply it to their own teams.
  • Receive 1:1 coaching for personalized action plan on how to integrate new skills and apply to their own teams.

Participants will leave this program with a stronger leadership identity. They’ll be better able to influence and motivate a team, resulting in a happier and more productive workforce. On top of it all, they’ll have a new network of leaders around them to encourage accountability.

Who Should Attend?

High-potential leaders on the fast track who are motivated to take on significant managerial responsibility in their organizations

Mid-level executives from any size company, any industry, and any country

Individuals who are eager, engaged, and inspired to make a positive impact in this program and in their organizations

MODULE 1: Getting Started

Our first module serves as an introduction to the program, allowing participants to meet their peers. We’ll take the time for a virtual kickoff event and an exercise to understand each participant’s background and individual needs.

Here we also set our intentions for the course. To get the most out of the program, participants will be challenged to anchor their experience and generate clear outcomes for success.

MODULE 2: Work of Leaders

Our second module explores leadership priorities and styles. We then do a deep dive into how these impact an individuals ability to lead themselves, a team or a company.

The profile will provide feedback divided into three areas: Vision, Alignment, and Execution. We’ll use the results to inform the strategies we recommend on an individual level.

MODULE 3: Building Relationships for Alignment

Module 3 is all about the human relationships aspect of leadership. Participants will start exploring ways they create relationships with others. A variety of experiences will create a deep dive into how we build strong relationships and encourage others to follow us.

Better relationships with and in a team translates to your ability to motivate, influence and align your team to produce the best results. This focus on the human aspect of a team can turn a good employee into a great leader.

MODULE 4: Accountability and Delegation

The last core module speaks directly to the bottom line of business: getting results. Our participants will learn how keeping themselves and others accountable translates to productivity and better results.

Accountability starts with knowing what you’re trying to accomplish. Tying your own work in with the company’s goals or end product provides a better sense of ownership and motivation.

We continue the journey for participants with a final action plan and next steps design for peer accountability.

The Making The Connection program gives participants a variety of leadership tools that they’ll bring back to your business. Invest in your team today, and you’ll have a more effective business tomorrow.
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Beginning May 19

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