How is the program structured?

Your employee’s development is customized specifically to meet their goals, as well as the goals of your organization. Through a series of videos, in-person meetings, and other tried and true learning tools, your employee will be able to meet both personal and professional leadership goals over time.

Will this program really work?

Because of the unique program design, Elevate Leadership Institute doesn’t waste any time with lessons and skills that your employees already have or don’t need to achieve their goals. We provide one-on-one coaching so pivots in the curriculum can be done quickly and easily if needed — our goal is to not waste even one minute of your employee’s time.

With extended accountability that lasts long after the program has completed, your staff will continue to gain perspective, motivation, and self-awareness through their experience with Elevate Leadership Institute.

Who benefits from Elevate Leadership Institute?

Our program is a perfect choice for small-mid size business owners who are interested in developing their teams, particularly their high-potential employees. It provides the same big picture resources that larger corporations provide, but customized to meet you where you are.

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