Making the Connection Leadership Series

Identify your leadership style, develop your emotional intelligence, and guide your team to new heights. The Making the Connection leadership series takes an in-depth, immersive look at skills that are essential for leaders. Each program features a blend of self-driven learning experiences both in-person and online. Receive 1-on-1 coaching, participate in exciting think tanks, and read through the inspiring course materials at your own pace, all surrounded by like-minded professional peers.

Save & Synergize With Our 4-Course Bundle!

Explore your natural leadership abilities and unlock your potential in our Making the Connection bundle. These four courses are designed to complement one another, providing a comprehensive foundation for effective, inspiring leadership.

The Work of Leaders

Learn how to share your vision, inspire your team, and understand your leadership style. Realize and maximize the influence you naturally have on your team’s motivation in productivity in The Work of Leaders. You’ll expand your knowledge of yourself and gain new perspectives on leadership, introducing new options for sharing goals, aligning team members, and ensuring an engaging workplace culture.

Building Relationships That Work

Master the art of building solid, trusting relationships with your team and stakeholders. You’ll discover the essential role that emotional intelligence plays in your workplace in Building Relationships That Work. Decide how you’ll show up for your employees every day to build trust, increase workplace satisfaction, and champion your team as you accomplish goals together.

Accountability and Delegation

Set expectations for yourself and employees to accelerate professional growth. When you hold yourself and your team to clear commitments, you’ll celebrate new milestones together while watching your organization succeed. Identify team members that exceed expectations, establish pillars that take ownership of projects, and guide your team towards effective results with the skills you’ll learn in Accountability and Delegation.

Coaching and Feedback for Performance

Transform your work environment by fostering self-reflection and constructive feedback. With the insights you’ll learn in Coaching and Feedback for Performance, you’ll guide every individual towards growth and continuously add value to your team. Guide and empower your team members to reach their full potential with appropriate delivery, helpful assessments, and other coaching tactics that drive meaningful discussion.
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