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Benefits for your organization

Elevate is designed for leaders of all levels.


At Elevate Leadership Institute, we create open enrollment learning experiences that deliver lasting growth in leaders of all types and sizes of companies.


Our cohort style programs are designed to make every moment count so that your return on investment is behavior change.


Even after the program ends, our extended peer accountability system will continue reinforcing skills for maximum impact.

Our Offerings

Making the Connection Leadership Series

Identify your leadership style, develop your emotional intelligence, and guide your team to new heights. The Making the Connection leadership series takes an in-depth, immersive look at skills that are essential for leaders.

Executive Coaching

Hear fresh solutions to your challenges, practice accountability, and continue your leadership growth with one-on-one, personalized mentorship. With 65 years of combined executive coaching experience, these leaders will empower you to broaden your skills and transform your organization.

Hear from our past participants

Elevate was great. They make the experience fun and you can tell they are very knowledgeable. The materials, including the reading assignments, were relevant and easy to understand.

Elevate’s program really opened my eyes to the many tools that I can use to become a more effective leader.

All of the content in the training was extremely helpful and worthwhile. I also loved meeting people from different backgrounds and companies.

The content was extremely helpful to me. Well organized, well presented and RELEVANT! Quick paced but not too quick – I was not bored. It all flowed well.

Leadership Trends

6 Practical Ways to Overcome Leadership Blind Spots

What can you do about a problem you can’t see? As leaders, we’re always working on improving ourselves, but we might be blind to flaws that cost our teams time and energy. Learn how you can address leadership blind spots – and the top issues to look out for

How Empathy Helps Leaders Build Stronger, More Engaged Teams

We don’t always think about empathy and emotion when it comes to leadership. That could be a mistake. Active listening, approachability, and encouraging a sense of belonging are essential for retaining talent and creating a harmonious workplace. Learn how to incorporate empathy into your leadership.

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Beginning May 19

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